Preventive Services

     A regular dental cleaning and exam is your best defense against more expensive, more extensive dental problems


A thorough dental exam includes:

  • Xrays as needed
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Periodontal (gum) disease screening
  • Customized oral hygiene instructions
  • Intra-oral images as needed
  • Spectra diagnostic imaging


 Periodontal Treatment or "Cleaning"

Plaque is the soft, sticky film of bacteria that forms on our teeth everyday.  When the bacteria are in this state, they can be brushed and flossed away.  However, if they are not brushed and flossed away properly, they calcify into hard deposits called calculus or "tartar".  These deposits have to be removed by a dental hygienist.  If left untreated, calculus will build up and contribute to gum disease.  These colonies of hard bacteria are an irritant to the gums and cause inflammation, bleeding, and bone loss.  Healthy gums do not bleed.  Typically it is recommended that you have your teeth "cleaned" every six months.  Sometimes a more or less frequent schedule is required.  Your hygienist will discuss your particular needs with you.