Your First Visit

On your first visit with us we will spend about an hour getting know each other. 

First we will ask you to come about 15 minutes early for your appointment to complete a medical history if you have not submitted your forms online. 

If you have current xrays (less then 1 year old) bring them with you or have them sent from your previous dentist.  We will update your xrays, if needed, to check for gum disease and decay. 

We will create a chart of your dental history.  Including any pre-existing restorations, or dental work you have had done, and any missing teeth.

A set of intra-oral images, or photographs of your teeth will be taken.  These are different than xrays and give us a chance to view your teeth, existing fillings and other restorations under magnification for a  more accurate diagnosis.

One of our hygienists will check your gum health with a periodontal screening.  This is one test for gum disease.  She will measure six spots around each tooth in millimeters.  This will give us a baseline that is re-checked at each hygiene appointment.  It is very important to catch gum disease as early as possible for successful treatment.   

Finally, Dr. Poole will do a thorough examination, checking for decay, failing restorations, and oral cancers.  We will give you a printed recommendation for treatment and discuss your options with you. 

Typically you will not have treatment done at the initial exam appointment.  Your treatment is customized to your specific needs and appointments are scheduled accordingly.


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