Laser Dentistry

We offer our patients the benefit of Waterlase Dentistry.  Dental lasers have been used for many years to perform medical procedures like LASIK eye surgery.  In 1998 the FDA approved lasers for use on tooth structure.   Since that time it has been approved for over 60 additional dental procedures.

Tooth Structure

The Waterlase combines laser energy and water to prepare teeth without the heat, vibration, and pressure associated with the high speed handpiece.  This means less need for anesthetic.  Perfect for children and adults who are apprehensive about dental injections!

Periodontal Treatment

Traditionally, periodontal disease has been treated with gum surgery performed by a specialist.  Waterlase treatment requires little or no anesthetic, sutures or healing time.  By controlling the bacteria and inflammation, the pocket is able to heal to a manageable depth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy relieves the pain caused by an infected or inflamed tooth.  The waterlase kills the bacteria that cause the pain.  The result is a higher success rate and faster relief.

Other uses for the Waterlase

Waterlase can also treat herpetic lesions or fever blisters, remove fibrous tumors, re-contour the gumline for better esthetics, relieve tight muscle attachments (frenectomy), and remove excess gum tissue over erupting molars.


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